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Increase your brain serotonin levels and balance your mood and sleep.


The ultimate natural solution to combat stress and fatigue.
Agaricus 1000Agaricus 1000

Agaricus 1000

Potent immune support and anti-oxidants.
Artemisinin Pro™Artemisinin Pro™

Artemisinin Pro™

Regulates both innate and adaptive immunity
Astaxanthin ForteAstaxanthin Forte

Astaxanthin Forte

A powerful antioxidant and cellular protector
Astragalus 9000™Astragalus 9000™

Astragalus 9000™

A potent 20:1 concentrated adaptogen, helping the body physically, emotionally, and mentally
Cordyceps CSM-2000™Cordyceps CSM-2000™

Vitamins & Supplements

Cordyceps CSM-2000™

Used for centuries to improve ATP energy and address fatigue


Discover the Power of a Deep, Restful Sleep.
Ellagic Acid ForteEllagic Acid Forte

Vitamins & Supplements

Ellagic Acid Forte

A high potency unique antioxidant that supports detoxification


Boosts lung health by removing accumulated toxins and reducing lung inflammation
Goldenseal Coptis C 1000™Goldenseal Coptis C 1000™

Goldenseal Coptis C 1000™

Exceptional digestive support, rich in Berberine, antibacterial, and antiviral
Gotu KolaGotu Kola

Gotu Kola

Improves memory, cognition, intellect, and combats mental stress and fatigue

Vitamins & Supplements


A pluripotent formulation beyond Quercetin, focused on respiratory allergies and the immune system
Lion’s Mane 5000™Lion’s Mane 5000™

Lion’s Mane 5000™

This powerful extract fights mental fatigue, and improves memory and reasoning
Liver Hepato-Protect™Liver Hepato-Protect™

Vitamins & Supplements

Liver Hepato-Protect™

An excellent liver detoxifier, improving bile & liver function
Lutein Pro™Lutein Pro™

Lutein Pro™

Featuring Zeaxanthin. It reduces preexisting eye damage due to aging and maintains healthy vision

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