Restorative Health

Given the right nutraceutical support, the human body can repair itself and can also restore the immune system to its full capacity. Provita’s continuously evolving Restorative Health series, curated from the highest quality sources, is specially formulated to help the body increase its capacity to repair and restore.

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Metabolic and sugar support for diabetics
Artemisinin Pro™Artemisinin Pro™

Artemisinin Pro™

Regulates both innate and adaptive immunity
Berberine TPGS™Berberine TPGS™

Berberine TPGS™

Supports healthy glucose metabolism, and activates protein kinase (AMPK)
Ellagic Acid ForteEllagic Acid Forte

Vitamins & Supplements

Ellagic Acid Forte

A high potency unique antioxidant that supports detoxification

Vitamins & Supplements


Provides precursor amino acids for Glutathione, enabling muscle protein synthesis, and helping to support immunity and anti-aging

Vitamins & Supplements


A pluripotent formulation beyond Quercetin, focused on respiratory allergies and the immune system
Metabolix AMPK™Metabolix AMPK™

Metabolix AMPK™

Promotes healthy glucose metabolism and reduces elevated blood lipid levels
Microhydrinase Pro™Microhydrinase Pro™

Microhydrinase Pro™

Reduce free radicals and oxidative damage with this advanced cellular protection formula
Osteo Pro™Osteo Pro™

Osteo Pro™

Orthomolecular bone health formula made with Albion® amino-acid chelates


Unique progesterone support helps balance estrogen and testosterone
Prostate Pro™Prostate Pro™

Prostate Pro™

Unique and effective prostate health support


Prevent and eliminate kidney stones, flush kidneys and reduce uric acid
Synergistic Indole-3-CarbinolSynergistic Indole-3-Carbinol

Synergistic Indole-3-Carbinol

Keep healthy estrogen balance and metabolism. A Powerful antioxidant formula for women
UTI Pro™UTI Pro™

UTI Pro™

A synergistic, dual-action natural formula that fights and flushes urinary tract infections


Eliminate varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and chronic venous insufficiency
Vitexin Pro™Vitexin Pro™

Vitexin Pro™

Balance hormones and relieve premenstrual symptoms