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Our practitioner natural health products are made from high-quality, carefully sourced ingredients designed to address specific health concerns, promote optimal organ function, support immune system strength, improve energy levels, and enhance overall vitality.

We’re driven to create formulas based on scientific evidence that ensures exceptional efficacy, consistency, and safety. Our formulas are created using rigorous quality control standards and undergo third-party testing to verify their potency and purity.

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Improves muscle protein synthesis (growth) and physical and mental energy.

Vitamins & Supplements


Provides precursor amino acids for Glutathione, enabling muscle protein synthesis, and helping to support immunity and anti-aging
Kardio Flow™Kardio Flow™

Kardio Flow™

A comprehensive multivitamin focused on cleaning and strengthening the cardiovascular system
Microhydrinase Pro™Microhydrinase Pro™

Microhydrinase Pro™

Reduce free radicals and oxidative damage with this advanced cellular protection formula
Neuro Max™Neuro Max™

Neuro Max™

This unique formula addresses brain function and the nervous system
Pancreatin Pro™Pancreatin Pro™

Pancreatin Pro™

Pancreatic enzymes help the body to digest proteins and fight inflammation


Unique progesterone support helps balance estrogen and testosterone
Ptero GenePtero Gene

Ptero Gene

Synergistic anti-aging Pterostilbene formula


Prevent and eliminate kidney stones, flush kidneys and reduce uric acid
Trace MineralsTrace Minerals

Trace Minerals

Maintains an alkaline pH in the body
Vitamin K2 ForteVitamin K2 Forte

Vitamin K2 Forte

Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease with dual action on calcium metabolism, featuring boron, manganese and vitamin D3.
Vitexin Pro™Vitexin Pro™

Vitexin Pro™

Balance hormones and relieve premenstrual symptoms