Since humans came from nature, the rebalancing
of the body and the self-healing
process must also come from nature.
Lucian Delcea Lucian Delcea
PHD, founder and Ceo
of Provita nutrition and health


Our founder, Lucian Delcea, Ph.D., started Provita out of necessity. His wife was ill. And when drugs failed her, he began his search for an alternative. Before Provita launched in 2005, he sifted through countless hours of research; counselling with some of the top European naturopaths to produce more progressive support for the body’s functions.
Dr. Delcea came to understand the body's healing process; how it could naturally overcome the disease. All it needed were triggers to properly recognize and absorb nutrients and start the built-in process of self-repair.
Provita is not just a natural health line - it’s an understanding of the body’s own mechanisms. Dr. Delcea’s now healthy wife is a testament to that.


Provita products supply these all natural triggers. Alleviating pain and symptoms associated with common ailments. It’s not about creating a cure or a magic bullet, but about supporting your immune system, helping your body heal itself naturally.

A family owned and operated business; Provita was born out of a love for the family, and the many health issues we’ve personally faced. We’re not here to mass produce; each shipment of high-quality product is produced in a fully controlled environment. And we never settle for inferior ingredients.

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Building your trust, one capsule at a time

We take great pride in our final products. We manufacture each and every one right here in Port Coquitlam, BC. A decade of naturopathic experience and passion goes into every capsule. Fully licensed under Health Canada standards, crafted with love, and chosen to be the highest in purity and quality.


Ingredients for the living, ingredients for life

High-quality ingredients can be difficult to source. Luckily, we’ve cultivated long-standing relationships with our suppliers. They allow us to routinely inspect their facilities, so we can maintain quality assurance for your peace of mind. We also conduct ingredient tests at random, to confirm and maintain these high-quality standards.


Crafted with love and care

Provita products are cautiously handled in a controlled environment. And the manufacturing process has been meticulously designed for quality assurance; dried powders and raw materials are computer measured, mixed, and monitored. We are fully compliant and follow Good Manufacturing Practices. (GMP) Each shipment is thoroughly manufactured in a clean and controlled environment with no artificial colours or flavouring added. Organic ingredients may vary in colour, texture, or smell; however, from batch to batch, our formulas are always consistently maintained. Come visit us. And find out more!


Variety, the spice of life

Provita products are available in several different forms. From capsules to powders, liquids to tablets. Our mixtures are electronically controlled, for perfect measurement every time; tablets and capsules are filled by weight, while powders and liquids are filled by volume for consistent accuracy.


Comprehensively clean and compliant

At Provita, we take great pride in our facility maintenance. We operate above and beyond Health Canada safety standards, and only use approved health Canada cleaning solutions. We strip our equipment between production cycles, to thoroughly clean and sanitize parts. Our facility and equipment are thoroughly disinfected at the start and end of each day, and our production rooms are isolated to eliminate cross-contamination.