Cognitive Health

Our brain makes us who we are. Cognition, the capacity to focus, memorize, or process information, and nervous system transmission capacity all deteriorate due to disease or with age. Provita's continuously evolving Cognitive Health series, curated from the highest quality sources, is specially formulated to help the brain and nervous system functions.

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Increase your brain serotonin levels and balance your mood and sleep.
Gotu KolaGotu Kola

Gotu Kola

Improves memory, cognition, intellect, and combats mental stress and fatigue
Lion’s Mane 5000™Lion’s Mane 5000™

Lion’s Mane 5000™

This powerful extract fights mental fatigue, and improves memory and reasoning
Lutein Pro™Lutein Pro™

Lutein Pro™

Featuring Zeaxanthin. It reduces preexisting eye damage due to aging and maintains healthy vision
Magnesium ThreonateMagnesium Threonate

Magnesium Threonate

Potent elemental magnesium provides brain electrolytes and helps with magnesium deficiency


Increase cellular brain energy and improve memory and brain activity


A non-addictive, mild anxiolytic, anti-stress sedative
Neuro Max™Neuro Max™

Neuro Max™

This unique formula addresses brain function and the nervous system
Organic AshwagandhaOrganic Ashwagandha

Organic Ashwagandha

Featuring magnesium for stress relief and balancing thyroid hormones


Supports cognitive function (ALC), and keeps the brain and memory sharp (PS)
Synergistic GABA Pro™Synergistic GABA Pro™

Synergistic GABA Pro™

Helps with sleep and relaxation, while enhancing focus and mental flow.