8 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Cold and flu season may officially be drawing to a close, but there’s no shortage of germs around. Here are 8 practical tips to help give your immune system a much-needed boost. Sure, March hails the official end of cold and flu season, but all you have to...

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Women’s Health - with Dr. Taylor Bean

Hormones. It is a big topic. The endocrine system is an integrated system where hormones dictate our mood, weight, menstrual cycle, sleep to even digestion. When they are rise to high or fall to low, we can start to develop a list of symptoms that feel challenging to...

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Digestion and our microbiome - with Dr. Taylor Bean

  One of the most profound things I have heard at medical conference on the digestive tract was, “Feed your microbiome before you feed yourself” From that moment forward, I looked at the importance of food for our microbiome in a whole different way. Our microbiome is a...

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Show your heart some love! Lifestyle and supplements for cardiovascular health.

What could be more important than heart health? Many of us don’t pay as much attention to our tickers as we should—until something goes wrong, that is. How does the heart work?<1> The heart is a muscle, about the size of the fist. Its vital job is to...

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