Show your heart some love! Lifestyle and supplements for cardiovascular health.

What could be more important than heart health? Many of us don’t pay as much attention to our tickers as we should—until something goes wrong, that is. How does the heart work?<1> The heart is a muscle, about the size of the fist. Its vital job is to...

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8 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Cold and flu season may officially be drawing to a close, but there’s no shortage of germs around. Here are 8 practical tips to help give your immune system a much-needed boost. Sure, March hails the official end of cold and flu season, but all you have to...

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Can Supplements Help Prevent Cancer?

Are there supplements that help prevent cancer? So far, there is no evidence that supplements can prevent or treat cancer. However, scientists are studying several supplements for their possible risk reducing help. The Canadian Cancer Society estimates that nearly half of all Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer...

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Improve your Digestion – Key to a Good Health

Digestion is one of the key factors in determining good health. In the holistic world of medicine, poor digestion is responsible for most imbalances that are prevalent in our society today. Without a healthy digestive system, we experience a whole array of detrimental diagnoses from ulcers, to colitis,...

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