Respiratory Tract Immunity Protocol

One of the main organs of the body we want to protect as we move into the fall and winter are the lungs. It is important to know how you can help your immune system in preventing serious respiratory tract infections.


During an upper respiratory infection, we can experience headaches, runny nose, fever to a cough. A cough during a cold, may result in excessive coughing, difficulty coughing up mucous or lead to a dry chronic cough.  Chronic coughing can even have the potential to damage to lung tissue, which may lead  to difficulty breathing.

When it comes to preventative medicine, the focus is to help prevent severe symptoms when an infection is contracted. Our efforts are to always support the body to fight infection and we can do this with herbal medicine to vitamins.  Provita has developed two sophisticated products that contain ingredients that not only work synergistically but also support the aspects of symptom prevention.

For preventative measures, we want to support the immune system by way of both innate and adaptive measures. This means, we want to support the immune system to have the ability to kill the infection quickly along with helping it remember it for the future.

The product Subtivir has been formulated to support the immune system by way of providing IgG immunoglobulins, immune modulating and antimicrobial affects that confer protection against upper respiratory infections.  Using colostrum, supports IgG function in the gut, Bacillus subtilis (a spore) has antimicrobial affect along with helping support immune function in the digestive tract, Andrographis and Garlic – two of the most powerful herbs used for preventing severe cold symptoms.  Andrographolide, a medicinal metabolite of Andrographis,  has shown in in-vitro studies to upregulate human β-defensin-2, an inducible antimicrobial peptide that is important in innate immunity. The result is an increase in NF-κB, which control cellular immunity and cytokine production. Knowing that Andrographis helps support innate immunity, it is a recommended herb to support the immunity of the elderly as a result of waning immunity with age.

At the first sign of an acute respiratory infection, both Subtivir and ProteniX can be used. With the herbal antimicrobial and immuno-supportive combo of Subtivir along with the herbal combination in ProteniX, these two products can help assist the body to fight infections and mediate symptoms. ProteniX formula of Star Anise and Pine Needle oil have been chosen due to one powerful ingredient: Shikimic acid.  Star anise is a dried fruit that has the ability to help with expectoration (cough up mucous) along with antiviral affect. Shikimic acid is actually a key intermediate for the making of the antiviral drug oseltamivir (Tamiflu).   Fenugreek is also included in ProteniX as it can help increase the bioavailability of the other herbs or rather better utilization.


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About the Author

Dr. Taylor Bean is a Naturopathic Doctor and owner of TaylorMade Wellness in Salmon Arm, BC. She began her career working overseas In Singapore for two years, to now 6 years working in Canada, she has been able to blend Eastern and Western approaches from a clinical and cultural perspective. As a mother of two, she has a passion working with pregnant mothers achieve a healthy pregnancy and smooth labor along with working with children to help them thrive.


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