Our story

With love, from our family to yours

When traditional medicine failed him and his family, founder Dr. Lucian Delcea (Ph.D.) started Provita out of necessity. A family-owned and operated business, Provita was born out of a love for the family and the dire health issues we’ve personally faced.

Before the company launched in 2005, Dr. Delcea sifted through countless hours of research and counseled with some of the top European naturopaths to find effective medical alternatives within our natural world.

He came to understand the body's healing process and how it could naturally overcome disease. All it needed were triggers to properly recognize and absorb nutrients and start the built-in process of self-repair. And that’s exactly what Provita does for you — we give you the remedy.

Provita’s products supply these all-natural triggers, making it possible for you to alleviate pain and symptoms associated with common ailments. It’s not about creating a cure or a magic bullet but giving us all the tools to support the immune system and help the body heal itself naturally.


Mind & body healing

Our products look to nature and its incredible properties so you can start the self-healing process for your mind and body


Whether it’s anxiety, pain, poor digestion, cognitive issues, or something else — it doesn’t have to control you. Let’s reverse the roles and put you in control of your health again.

Peace of mind

You can rest easy knowing that every capsule is made with a decade of naturopathic experience and passion, ingredients are sourced from top suppliers, and the utmost purity and quality.


Provita paves the way for a more vibrant future. No more holding back – it’s time to break through.

Our Vision

Be the hero of your own health journey

Provita’s formulas blend the rich tradition of natural health from cultures around the world with modern scientific research. We’re passionate about using our profound European-inspired clinical research to create the perfect natural health supplements. When given the right combination of nutrients, the body can activate its very own incredible self-healing abilities to actively deal with any issues.

Our products are rooted in science and care and work to optimize the human body, providing you with the building blocks to transform your health.

Success to us means that many can return to the life they once had or begin one that they strive to have. We want to constantly provide innovative new product developments to tackle any health challenges that hold people back.

Our hope is that our products will be easily accessible around the world, providing people an efficient and fruitful way to live life to its fullest.

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