Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements are the most benign segments of food and should never have been separated to begin with. There are many compelling reasons to consider dietary supplements as a complement to nutritional intakes. While a good diet and regular exercise are the foundation for better health, research shows that most adults and children don’t eat the way they should. The first step you should take toward greater nutritional awareness and the adoption of other healthy lifestyle choices. Whether taking a multivitamin, herb or specialty products, you can and will live healthier lives by supplementing your diet.

What is an NPN and how are products regulated in Canada?

Health Canada in their Natural Health Products Regulations give Canadians ready access to a wide range of Natural Health Products (NHPs) that are safe, effective and of high quality.

Because of these regulations, there is now more information on the label so consumers can make better informed decisions. Products undergo regulatory approvals prior to manufacturing, providing assurance that what is on the label is what is in the bottle, further enhancing confidence in the safety and effectiveness, and ensuring product health claims are supported by reputable scientific evidence.

A Natural Product Number (NPN) number is assigned by Health Canada to products manufactured in Canada by producers who have submitted enough human evidence in support of the product’s health claim. Submitted evidence includes but is not limited to Health Canada requirements for product registration, and the product has been deemed safe and effective when used according to the label.

Where can I find your products?

You can use our store locator page to find the nearest retailer or distributor. We also feature our online retailers at the bottom of our store locator page.

Do you test your products for quality?

 A safe, effective, and consistent product is our first priority. All raw materials are tested for identity, purity, and potency. All finished product batches are tested for microbial and heavy metals to ensure quality. Provita uses only Canadian-based third party test labs.

Are all of your products natural?

We use naturally sourced materials whenever possible.

All of our ingredients are approved by Health Canada, regardless of their source. However, when developing new products, there is a lot to consider such as: creating a dependable supply, controlling purity and/or contamination, improve efficiency and economy of scale, environmental concerns, or just the plain fact that extraction of some natural ingredients is not feasible. Sometimes, natural ingredients are not stable or don’t allow us to extract sufficient quantities of active elements to produce the needed supplement. In this case, Provita uses synthetic alternatives to make sure that our products achieve maximum effectiveness.

These products still pass all safety, purity and potency tests. 

Are your products vegan?

Whenever possible, we try to craft our product formulations to be vegan-friendly. However, our products are not made specifically for vegans.

Our vegan logo can be found on the label of all of our vegan-friendly products, and you can view a list of all Provita vegan products on our website.

Are your products gluten-free?

Gluten is a protein found in grass-related grains, notably wheat, rye, and barley. Products containing these may contain gluten. For details on any particular product, please consult the product specific label and look for the gluten free logo.

Are your products GMO-free and Organic?

Our ingredients are tested GMO-free, and whenever possible, we choose wild crafted or organic ingredients. However, we are careful not to claim GMO-free or organic on the label since sometimes animals, plant soil or microbes are not  GMO-free and/or some supplier farm GMO-free / Organic and are not yet certified by large regulatory agencies.

All of our gelatin and vegetarian capsule shells are GMO-free, Kosher and Halal approved.

Where do you get your raw materials from?

Our raw materials for the myriad of products we currently offer, including our complex multi-ingredient formulas, are sourced worldwide.

High-quality specialty ingredients can be difficult to source. We’ve cultivated long-standing relationships with our suppliers which are also Canadian-based and licensed by Health Canada. We also conduct ingredient inspections and lab tests, to confirm purity and potency required to meet our high effectiveness formulation targets.

Are any of your products made in China?

Our products are made with pride in Canada. We are based in Vancouver, BC, where the majority of our supplements are made in our computerized manufacturing facilities. Our finished botanical products and botanical supply chain samples are tested using Canadian third party labs, and quality certificates are issued for compliant products.

A small percentage of products, such as our gummy vitamins and fish oils, are manufactured by top, third party manufacturers with manufacturing plants also located in Canada. All of our third party manufacturers are fully certified by Health Canada, and also personally inspected on a regular basis. 

Do your capsule shells use gelatin?

A limited number of our products use capsule shells made from cow (bovine) gelatin. However, all of our gelatin capsules are sourced from 100% Canadian cow hide, and are manufactured in Canada. We do not use capsule shells made from pig (porcine) gelatin. 

Please check the product label for this information.

Do you use non-medicinals ("fillers") in your products?

 We use natural fillers only when it’s necessary in order to achieve accurate dosage stability and capsule integrity. We use  microcrystalline cellulose naturally sourced from pine trees as our primarily as filler, and brown rice flour in some cases.

To control a stable flow of ingredients into the capsule shell during manufacturing, we use natural vegan magnesium stearate and in some cases Vitamin C palmitate, both sourced from non-GMO coconuts. Our products contain roughly 1-2% flow control fillers.

Please check our product label for details on our usage of non-medicinals.

Do your products have a Certificate of Analysis?

YES. According to GMP and Health Canada requirements, we generate a Certificate of Analysis for ALL our product batches. Our certificates follow Canadian GMP standards, and are backed by our microbial and heavy metal tests which we outsource to reputable Canadian laboratories.

Certificates of Analysis for our products are available upon request.

How can I return your product(s)?

We gladly accept all returns directly from retailers, distributors and practitioners who have purchased  from Provita Nutrition or an authorized distributor. Please return our product to your original merchant for a refund or exchange.