More and more scientific evidence points to inflammation as the common denominator of practically all diseases. Reducing or eliminating inflammation should be at the foundation of all treatments.

Cognitive Health

Our brain makes us who we are. Cognition, the capacity
to focus, memorize, or process information, and
nervous system transmission capacity all deteriorate
due to disease or with age.

Digestive Health

Digestive system is made out of a number of organs
that work together with good bacteria to digest
foods, assimilate nutrients and excrete toxic waste.
Maintaining a healthy digestive system may be a
matter of life and death.

Everyday Wellness

Staying healthy and active requires a heathy and diverse diet consisting of quality foods.

Are we getting such a diet daily?

Heart Health

Cardiovascular disease is one of the main causes of death in North America and worldwide. It is believed that the main reasons are diet, toxins and a stressful life.

Immune Health

Everyday choices such as a balanced diet, sleeping and exercising  can help boost our immune systems. But nobody is perfect, that is why we recommend fortifying with our range of immune-boosting mushrooms and herbs.

Restorative Health

Given the right nutraceutical support, the human body can repair itself and can also restore the immune system to its full capacity.